Tarrengower Ward

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Inclues township of Maldon as well as Barringhup, Nuggetty and surrounding areas.


One vacancy


Stephen Gardner. Genine McHugh.

Candidate survey responses - Tarrengower Ward

1. Name three top priorities for Mount Alexander Shire

Genine McHugh Stephen Gardner
Housing affordability X
Waste management
Rates/budget X
Action on climate change
Paths, cycling and pedestrian infrastructure X
Opportunities for youth X
Community voice and engagement
Supporting local businesses
Recovering from COVID-19 X X

2. Other questions

Genine McHugh Stephen Gardner
How would you assess the current level of rates levied in Castlemaine? It's not that simple Too high
How important are visitors from outside our Shire to our community and economy? Extremely important Extremely important
How important is it for Mount Alexander Shire to commit to actions which contribute to tackling climate change? Very important Very important
How serious an issue is access to housing and housing affordability in Mount Alexander Shire? Very serious Very serious
Which of the following should be Council's highest priority for waste management? Working with community to reduce the amount of waste produced Working with community to reduce the amount of waste produced
Thinking about roads and infrastructure, which of the following do you think is the highest priority for Mount Alexander Shire? Maintaining and upgrading country roads and bridges Maintaining and upgrading country roads and bridges
What is the issue you have heard most about during your campaign? Waste Management COVID19 and rates and charge increases
(In five words or less) What is the best thing about living in Mount Alexander Shire? Environment, family, community spirit, space Landscape, people and facilities
(In five words or less) If you could change one thing about Mount Alexander Shire, what would it be? Local business awarded more tenders Houseing affotability
Please elaborate on any of your answers to the questions above. Its difficult to choose a top 3 priorities out of the list

with so many issues requiring priority. I would encourage more business and local jobs. More well mapped shared tracks throughout the region for recreation and opportunities for the shires youth who are struggling.

How should Mount Alexander recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and related impacts on economy and community? In an area where tourism and events bring a great many people from out of the region we need to promote the region around Australia, many people will be looking for regional options. With the continued international travel ban its time to capitalize on our strengths. We need more health and mental health services and more local jobs and employment opportunities. Large infrastructure in roads, bridges is required
If elected how will you engage with residents (and others) and make sure that your decisions reflect the many views in our communities? Will your approach differ for different people? A listening post when we can meet again. Tarrengower tomorrow group which incorporates many of the regions differeing groups and Maldon Community Centre run meetings. My approach will be understanding of the differing needs. Yes. I meet people in my local shops pubs and community events . Hold listening posts and community forums. I also write monthly columns in the local newspapers and use social media. I am active, local and engaged. I listen to everyone using multiple sources and will continue to do so.
Name three characteristics that make a good councillor A good listener, a balanced decision maker and respectful Good listener. Acts on behalf of people. Acts with integrity